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Would you like to become our partner?  Send an e-mail to b2b@icelab.be and we will be in touch soon.  Thank you so much for having contacted us!

Solid stash

Our partnership

When Lily from Solid Stash approached us for a partnership (where they would offer our gelato to their range of super-delicious vegan freezer meals, and we in turn would become Solid Stash’s pickup point in Antwerp) we were immediately enthusiastic.

We complement each other perfectly. Both Solid Stash and Icelab strive for taste experience, quality, sustainability, customer-friendliness and warmth. We are both passionate about delicious, plant-based food. Together we provide our customers with the perfect meal!

More about Solid Stash

Solid Stash, that’s super-delicious vegan freezer meals in space-efficient packaging and ready in an instant. Solid Stash is delivered to your home by bicycle or can be picked up from various pick-up points throughout Flanders and Brussels.

Our dishes range from full meals to burgers, cookies and ovenhapjes, and have a shelf life of several months in the freezer. No waste!

Currently Solid Stash’s bike couriers are delivering to your home in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Leuven, Mechelen, Aalst, Kortrijk – and many postcodes in between.

Solid Stash also has several pick-up points: at Icelab in Antwerp, but also in Ghent and Lokeren. Here you can collect your pre-order at a time that suits YOU - armed with a freezer bag and cooler elements for the journey home, of course!

Bistro Vélo

Our coffee house Bistro Vélo is located in the cozy Zurenborg district and serves both cold and warm dishes and sweets that are vegan and gluten-free. We make most of the dishes ourselves with a lot of love, but we are happy to make an exception for Icelab’s NiceCream! We regularly offer new flavors in our range and enjoy the enthusiastic reactions of our customers. We already had pistachio, strawberry, Stracciatella, cheesecake, fig-walnut, rum-raisin and amaretto on the menu.
All equally delicious! 

Velodroomstraat 46, 2600 Berchem

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kopikofi is a cosy place in Mariaburg where you're welcome for a good 'cup a coffee', plant based sweets, copy- and print service.

Schriek 360, 2180 Ekeren